Where can I find a partner shop?
To find the nearest store, you can pinpoint the location on our website.
Accept automatic geolocation or enter your postcode.
When can I use my lifetime guarantee?
You can use your lifetime exchange right for any reason, as soon as you feel like changing your film.
What are the conditions for benefiting from my exchange right?
To benefit from your lifetime exchange right, you must :
1- visit an authorised distributor listed on our website
2- Bring back your old film
3- give us your guarantee code

You will be billed for installation costs for each replacement.
except for replacement within 7 days of initial purchase

The lifetime exchange right allows you to replace your protective film
The warranty is applicable only to the previously protected device
You lose the exchange right if you change your appliance
You lose the guarantee if you don’t bring back the old protective film.
Don’t forget to write down your code – you’ll be asked for it in shop.
Just one code for all your products

Can I use my warranty to change film type?

Yes, you can use the warranty to switch from Original to Matte. However, you cannot use the warranty to upgrade from Original/Matte to Fusion.

Is my exchange right only valid at the retailer where I made my purchase?
No, you can benefit from your exchange right at all Mobile Outfitters approved distributors.
Please note, however, that the Boulanger network applies its own warranty policy, which is incompatible with that of our other partners.
How many times can I use my exchange right?
You can use your exchange right as many times as you like.
Only installation costs will be charged for each change.
Why do I have to pay installation costs when my film has a lifetime exchange right?
Our exchange right is unlimited and covers all causes: you can use it as many times as you like, for whatever reason. Exchanging your film requires the expertise of a technician. Your film will be provided free of charge, and you will only be billed for installation.